Mindy Schalinske

Graphic Designer/Digital Marketing

Employee Since: June 2014

PHONE: (262)-899-9413



Job Most Proud of: Commercial Department 16 page Brochure & Company golf outing signage and organization

Previous Mentionable Jobs: Original designs for Hartig’s Hoops basketball floor graphics, Employee Profiles, Original Photography on jobs, 2015 Employee Calendar, Showroom and Design Center Wall Graphics, Graphic Creations Marketing Materials, GC Envelope Design, Milwaukee Wave Turf, CELA Medallion Drawing

What Mindy does at Schmidt: As a Graphic Designer at Schmidt, Mindy creates and designs marketing materials for ads, brochures, banners, showroom signage, events, and whatever anyone wants her to create for all divisions. She goes out on jobs and takes pictures of the field workers and the jobs they complete. These photos are used to create before and after shots, other marketing materials, and to keep for Schmidt’s photo collection. Mindy manages and updates the social media pages, website, and digital marketing for Schmidt. She assists as needed in the field and the preparing of the stencils.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Wisconsin Lutheran College in Media Design -Minor in Business Administration

Hobbies: Playing Volleyball & Softball and Freelance design projects

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:

“Besides how great all the people I work with are, I am able to incorporate my own design style in all my work. I am able to create and make my own design decisions, rather than being told exactly what to do and how to do it. It is refreshing to have a job where you have all the design freedom.”