Shawn Mahnke


Employee Since: March 1999

PHONE: (262)-547-8763


Experience: 19 yrs in the industry
-Commercial & Residential- Installing, Sanding, & Finishing

Previous Mentionable Jobs: Bartolotta’s Rumpus Room, Turner Hall, University Club Tower Condos, Kilbourn Tower

Awards: “1st Place Performance” (multiple years), “1st Place Quality” (multiple years)


Married with two children- 1 Girl, 1 Boy

Education: Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

Hobbies: Golfing and Spending time with the family

Favorite part of the job: Sanding

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors: 

“I really appreciate that they trust you out on the job and no one has to watch over your shoulder while you work; they trust you will get the job done right. ”