Jeff Satterfield

Residential Remodel Sales

Employee Since: January 1987

PHONE: (262)-899-9395


Experience: 29 years
“15 years experience doing field work, which allows me to understand any technical questions that may come up during the course of an estimate.”
-7 yrs Project Manager
-7 yrs Sales/Sales Support

Awards: Sales Achievement – about 1 Million Annually

Job Most Proud of: “Jobs that customers take the time to call and compliment about how well everything went, their satisfaction with the new flooring and crews that worked with them.”

Previous Mentionable Jobs: “Floors I’ve installed and finished for customers that demonstrates my knowledge in the field.”

What Jeff does at Schmidt: Jeff handles Residential and some Builder sales. He supports others on the sales team with pricing or technical questions. He handles customer service and checks jobs for quality control and problem solving. As Vice President, Jeff attends executive strategy meetings looking over the company’s financials. Due to his experience in the field, he also fills in for project managers when they are ill or on vacation.


Married with three children- 1 Boy, 2 Girls

Hobbies: Golfing, Fishing, Hunting, Snow Skiing, Traveling, Scuba Diving, & Zip Lining

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:

“Every day is a new adventure interacting with people.