Josh Ziesemer

Graphic Designer/Stencil Administrator

Employee Since: May 2013

PHONE: (262)-899-9410


Experience: Athletic Painting

Job Most Proud of: Marquette University Al McGuire Center

Previous Mentionable Jobs: UW-Madison Field House, Marshall HS, Stanley Boyd HS, Waukesha West HS, Gatorade Commercial, Milwaukee Wave Turf, Northwestern University Weightroom

What Josh does at Schmidt: Josh handles all the renderings for Graphic Creations and Schmidt Athletic Floors. He preps all the files for the cutting machine, operates the cutter, and prepares all the stencils for shipping out to jobs around the United States. When Josh is needed in the field he is a painter for the Athletic Division. Josh also manages the athletic blog and creates all the videos for not only the Athletic Division, but the other divisions at Schmidt as well.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Media Design from Wisconsin Lutheran College

Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Fishing, & Watching WWE in his Roman Reigns shirt

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:

“The amount of jobs we have going on and always having something to work on. Not only do we have a lot of jobs, but they are all unique, cool, and impressive. I like seeing all the work we put into the jobs and viewing the final end result. It is cool to be able to create and be a part of some really impressive, eye-catching jobs. ”