Melissa Schuster

Accounting/Human Resources

Employee Since: May 2014

PHONE: (262)-899-9400


What Melissa does at Schmidt: Melissa deals first hand with all new employees that begin at Schmidt Custom Floors. She sets them up in the system and handles all their paperwork. She also handles payroll, paying the bills, processing invoices, and filing of all the documents.


Education: Associates Degree from Stratton College in Science

Four Children- 3 Boys, 1 Girl

Hobbies: Traveling, Going to concerts, Spending time with her children

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:

“My father is a carpenter and I have grown up with the sound of saws and the smell of fresh cut wood. Most people would get annoyed by the sound of saws, I find it calming. Now, I get to work with it everyday!!!!”