Robert Hoye

Sales/Business Development

Employee Since:

PHONE: 920-222-1701



I have been in the flooring industry for 29+ years! It sure is weird how things come full circle, because my first flooring job was working with Schmidt. Its back in 1993 where I learned how to install and sand wood floors! I always carried the passion to be the best at anything I have ever done in my life and once I felt confident I could do it as good or better than anyone else, In 1998 I decided to take the leap and do it by myself!
Hoye’s Select flooring was born and it taught me to see the business from a completely new angle. I became the salesman, the installer, the customer service rep, the project manager, the accountant, and every other hat a new business owner is tasked to manage. Throughout my career, I kept my relationship with Schmidt and worked on projects alongside them and later grew to see how impressive they truly were. They had this business figured out! I always told them, that if they ever decided to do something in the Madison area, I would want to be a part of it.
Well, that opportunity recently presented itself, Schmidt built a beautiful boutique showroom in Madison to showcase their line of flooring, cabinets and countertops with the idea in mind of helping builders of any type, from Custom home builders all the way through to production style builders with all of their flooring, cabinet and countertop needs under one roof.
Now that I am working with Schmidt, I no longer have to wear all the hats and I have so much more time to focus on what’s important, making your life easier! With my 29 years of flooring experience and being in the new construction scene for just as long, I know what is important to you and your client!