Scott Nidy

Residential Remodel PM - Wood Floors

Employee Since: 1998-2005/2014-Present

PHONE: (262)-899-9397


Experience: 8 yrs Residential & Commercial- Installing, Sanding, and Finishing.-rough and finish carpenter

Awards: “Top Installer” (2 years), “2nd Place Installer”, “3rd Place Installer”

What Scott does at Schmidt: After the point of sale, he confirms with the salesperson the work to be done. He is responsible for communicating with the customer to schedule the job and answer any questions the customer may have. If there are any needed materials he takes care of ordering and coordinating the delivery with the scheduled date. He selects and assigns crews best fit for the work being done and ensures they understand the details of the job. He manages the job until it is completed and the customer is completely satisfied with the results.


Education: Cabinet and Millwork Degree from MATC, Fire Science Degree from WCTC, Police Science Degree from WCTC, Criminal Intelligence U.S. Army

Known Languages: English, limited Spanish, Dari, & Arabic

Retired First Sergeant with 24 years U.S. Army, completed 5 deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan

Married with two children- 1 Boy, 1 Girl

Hobbies: Outdoor Activities – Shooting, Hunting, & Fishing; Woodworking

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:

“Family oriented workplace.”