Tom Bielinski (Gus)


Employee Since: October 1999

PHONE: (262)-547-8763


Experience: 16 yrs Residential & Commercial Finishing, 9 yrs Sanding/Tinting Expert
-Specializes in taking problem jobs and turning them into positive jobs.

Job Most Proud of: Mrs. Grossman- Custom Tint Job

Previous Mentionable Jobs: CELA 16ft. Medallion

Awards: “1st Place Finish” 2013 & 2014, “Above and Beyond” 2013, “Most Atta-Boys” (multiple years) -This award is awarded to the installer who has the most customers who call in and give a personal positive review.


Two children- 2 Boys

Hobbies: Cub Scouts with children, Camping, Playing Basketball, & Yoga

Favorite part of job:  “I get to be creative.”

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors: 

“It is a new experience everyday, and you get to work with different people.”