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Josh Bass


Residential Construction Division Manager

Employee since: October 2015
Phone: (262) 899-9405


Experience: “I started my flooring career at Schmidt. I was provided with an opportunity to be in sales. Selling was a great way to learn about the industry. It taught me all the parts and pieces involved in putting projects together, while observing the process. In 2018, I was asked to Manage the New Home Construction Division.”
Job most proud of: “Although I was not a part of this job, I most admire the job our guys did at SC Johnson. Our company won a prestigious award for the National Wood Floor of the year for installing an amazing design of North and South America. It is truly impressive!”

What Josh does at Schmidt: Josh works closely with his team to deliver a great experience for the builder’s we work with and their clients.


Education: B.A. College of Letters and Sciences from UW-Milwaukee

Married with 3 girls

Hobbies: Lifting weights, golf, spending time with my family, repeat…

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:
“I love working for a place where me body of work directly impacts the results of the company. I feel like everything I do here really matters. I love being able to put my stamp on what happens, and the results are a reflection of my efforts.”