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Nina Olson


Builder Division: Estimator

Employee since: September 2011
Phone: (262) 899-9403


Experience: 21 years in flooring industry

“Big Kahuna”-Top Sales 2019

Job most proud of:
“There are many jobs I am proud of from when I was in sales and design. I will be forever grateful for having those opportunities.”

What Nina does at Schmidt: Estimating all incoming proposals for builder’s and remodelers.


Married 5 years to Kyle

Children: toddler daughter

Education: Associate Degree-Interior Design (Fox Valley Technical College)

Hobbies: Having memorable experiences with our daughter, walking our dogs, helping extended family, yardwork, cooking.

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:
“Working for a company that feels like a true family. Co-worker relationships and team building.”