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Sophia Brunke


Commercial Estimator Assistant

Employee since: March 13, 2023
Phone: (262) 219-5826


Experience: Before being welcomed to the Commercial Department here, I had a small break from this industry. Before my small break -- I was the National Accounts Project Manager @ Nabco Entrances for almost a year, and before that I was a little bit of everything @ Designs in Marble (Inside Sales, Outside Sales & Project Coordinator) for about 4 years. Between Interior Design Classes at WCTC, and working @ Designs in Marble, I just knew this was the industry I was meant to be in and I'm so excited to say that I've found my 'Home' here @ Schmidt.
Job Most Proud of: I haven't worked on projects long enough here @ Schmidt to be proud of, yet. My favorite project that I've *ever* worked on, I'd say, would have to be the Owner of Gene Wagner Plumbing Co., Inc. From the first day they walked into my showroom, all the way to post installation of all their Counter Tops, Flooring & Tile, I couldn't be prouder of myself throughout the entire process (including ups & downs) and how much confidence was instilled in me from working with someone of that caliber on their 'Personal' Home.

What Sophia does at Schmidt: Well, currently, I'm still in training! But this far -- I've been able to understand enough to feel comfortable in weekly department meetings. I'm also able to measure out Commercial Plans to give them to the Sales Guys, so they can bid and sell! That's about all I know this far, but I'm learning more and more every day.


Education: Wauwatosa West High School Graduate of 2016 & Some College Classes (@ WCTC - Pewaukee) in: Admin Assistance, Human Services & Interior Design

Married: Nope, but I am in a comfy, happy & healthy relationship.

Children: Also nope, but I have a 3-year-old rescue Blue Heeler named Maya and a 1-year-old Tuxedo Kitty named Mylo.

Hobbies: I love to be outside -- camping, walking/hiking, boating, BBQ-ing, biking. When I'm inside -- I love to do art, specifically bullet journaling, scrapbooking & coloring.

Otherwise: I love hanging out with my boyfriend, pets, family & close friends. As well as going to concerts, music festivals and fairs & local events too!

Best Thing About Working for Schmidt Custom Floors: "I'm still new, so, I don't know everything there is to know yet about working here. However, at this time -- I love feeling like I'm actually part of the team / family, instead of just being an outcast or the "new girl". In this short time, I feel more comfortable & welcomed here than I have at any other job prior to this one… I'd say my future seems bright here" :)