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Tom Zarek


Commercial & Athletic Manager

Employee since: October 1998
Phone: (262) 899-9391


Experience/Certifications: NWFA Certified Installer, Sander, & Finisher-Certified Medallion and Inlays Installer, Certified MFMA, Mirage Flooring Cert. -Certified LEAD-SAFE Renovator, Anderson Hardwood University Technician

Awards: “National Wood Flooring Association Floor of the Year” 2010-“National Wood Flooring Association Reclaimed Floor of the Year” 2012-“Top Sales” 2004-Present, “Perfect Attendance” 2007-Present-“Tarkett Synthetic Floor of the Year”

Job most proud of: SC Johnson NWFA Floor of the Year 2010

Previous mentionable jobs:
Turner Hall, Bartolotta’s Rumpus Room, Milwaukee Brewers Founder’s Suite, University Club Tower

What Tom does at Schmidt:Tom manages the Commercial department and has 58 people report to him daily. He seeks out projects for the department to bid on. Tom develops relationships with general contractors and owners that we work with. He creates an environment for architects and designers to come to our showroom to develop the look they want to achieve on their projects. He also oversees the invitations to bid and all the contracts in the department.



Married with three sons

Hobbies: Spending time with family, travelling, scuba diving, & dancing

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:
“The opportunity to come to work everyday knowing that you are able to help customers achieve all their flooring wants and needs, knowing that you don’t have to be a pushy sales person. With the supportive staff that Schmidt Custom Floors has, it makes it easy to achieve the customer’s goals. ”