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Trent Mayer

Trent Mayer

SmartPlank Operations Manager & Marketing Specialist

Employee since: 2016-2018, Jan.2023
Phone: (401) 374-0596


Experience: Installed wood floors in the residential division, and athletics. Sanded residential floors and painted gym floors.
  • Real estate photography
  • Excavating for new homes and utility lines, CDL semi and dump truck hauling

Job Most Proud of: Stain matching and prefinishing white oak for a client

What Trent does at Schmidt: Working in SmartPlank division making, coordinating, shipping custom samples for clients, marketing: developing ways to market products through trade shows, sending displays to partners, and working with website development.


Education: High school diploma/ CDL

Married: Yes

Hobbies: Traveling, storm chasing, motorcycling, exploring.

Best Thing About Working for Schmidt Custom Floors: “The team!”