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Merry Christmas!

This past Friday evening at the Marriott Milwaukee West we held our annual Schmidt Custom Floors Christmas party. Each year we gather all the employees and their significant others to celebrate another year of hard work. The snow was coming down steady this year, but that didn’t keep us from getting together! The hotel was a new location for our annual party, but it did not disappoint with its beautiful ballroom chandeliers, tasty buffet spread, and delicious decadent desserts. The format for the party began with dinner and was followed by our President, Tim Schmidt’s, company address and awards ceremony. The company gifted our president and vice president with an array of gift cards to some of their favorite restaurants, a family tree printed and placed on canvas and wood, and a large, sturdy cutting board. Each divisional manager presented the awards for their winning crew members/partners.  This year we played a fun employee trivia game for prizes donated by our Holiday Party Sponsors.

We are blessed and eager to get everyone together around the holidays to celebrate the work and efforts displayed from all levels throughout the year. Without the people and group as a whole we would not be the business we are today. Our numbers are up and we couldn’t be happier about the growth and unity we have as a company.

From all of us at Schmidt Custom Floors, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!