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Hardwood installation


Crafting Beautiful, Naturally

Schmidt Custom Floors, Inc. proudly provides a comprehensive range of high-quality flooring products and expert flooring installation services throughout the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and Madison and surrounding areas. From beautiful hardwood floors to custom hand-scraped hardwoods, SmartPlank hardwood, our certified installers can create a work of art.

Professional Design and Installation Services

Visit our Waukesha, Wisconsin flooring showroom today to start the process of selecting your product with assistance from our experienced flooring design staff. We specialize in helping you navigate our extensive selection to find the perfect solution to meet all your needs. Once your product is selected, we are pleased to provide expert installation services from our highly-experienced installation professionals. The results are, as always, a flawless and long-lasting surface that will compliment your personal style and home.



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These are the main flooring installations:

Floating floors - flooring is clicked together and not adhered to subfloor, this is common in basements or in condos over concrete floors. Can have movement and hollow sound when walking on it.

Glue down flooring installation - is glued down. This glue can also act as sealer to the concrete or subfloor. Solid sound and no movement when walking on it.

Nail or staple down flooring - is nailed or staple in the tongue edge of each piece and glue along the side/tongue of each piece.

Nail and glue down flooring - Schmidt prefers to nail and glue down bottom of boards on any flooring over 5” wide, prevents creaking or movement on larger boards.

Unmatched Flooring Installation Expertise

At Schmidt Custom Floors, our flooring installation technicians are true craftsmen who are all certified by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). This certification requires the completion of a written examination which tests knowledge of acceptable subflooring materials, moisture contents, joint spacing, installation procedures, sanding procedures, types of finishing, repair work, and much more. The certification also requires a hands-on test and a strict adherence to annual continuing education requirements. Our NWFA-certified flooring installation experts average over 12 years of experience with our company, providing the highest quality installations available in our area.