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Handcrafted/Reclaimed Hardwood


Hand-Crafted & Reclaimed Hardwood

Schmidt Custom Floors delivers unique, old-world wood floors using hand-scraping techniques learned from the Amish with our made-to-order Schmidt Hand-Crafted Collections. Starting with the highest quality solid hardwood available, our expert craftsmen hand-scrape each board one at a time, enhancing the appearance of wood’s grain and ensuring no two boards ever look the same. The result is a one-of-a-kind floor with or without a rustic look and feel and added textured character that can only be achieved through these specialized techniques.

Crafting Beautiful, Naturally

Schmidt Custom Floors, Inc. proudly provides a comprehensive range of high-quality wood flooring products and expert flooring installation services throughout the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and Madison and surrounding areas. These beautiful hardwood floors are reclaimed from old barns and old fence posts and made into flooring that shows its weathered character. They can be custom oiled or stained and finished to desired look.



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