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Restore and Refinish Hardwood


Hardwood flooring refinishing services

Schmidt Custom Floors is your source for hardwood floor refinishing services, delivering the utmost quality, the highest levels of precision, and our signature environmentally-friendly water-based finishes. Whether you need a simple buff and recoat or a full refinish, our hardwood floor refinishing experts will renew your hardwood or engineered wood floor and restore it to a brand-new luster.

Why Refinish? Buff and Coat

Floors with light wear and scratching can often be renewed without having to sand through the existing finish or stain by simply abrading the topcoat of finish so a new coat of finish will adhere. Hardwood Floors with deeper scratches and gouges will most likely need to be sanded through the stain down to the bare wood and completely refinished. used. We recommend that hardwood floors are buffed and recoated every 2 to 3 years in high-traffic areas and every 3 to 5 years in lower-traffic areas, and we also recommend having your entire floor done at the same time.



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Why Resand? To raw wood

Rather than going to the expense and trouble of replacing your existing hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring, it is very often possible to refresh or change the color and update the appearance of your existing floors by resanding them down to raw wood, restaining(if desired) & refinishing them for a completely updated appearance.

Our certified, highly experienced craftsmen specialize in restoring scratched and worn wood flooring to its original new appearance or transforming it to a new interior style and design.

Engineered wood products can also be completely resanded if there is at least a 2-millimeter wear layer, and the floor is flat.

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