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Waukesha, WI
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Mike Erke


Quality Control Supervisor

Employee since: June 2000
Phone: (262) 547-8763


Experience: 23 yrs in flooring industry

  • 3 yrs- R.D. Floor
  • 11 yrs- Began with Residential Installing & Sanding at Schmidt
  • 9 yrs Customer Service Technician

Job Most Proud of:
Tinting the Governor’s Mansion in Madison

What Mike does at Schmidt: Mike takes care of and deals with any of the issues that might come up unexpectedly on jobs. He is known for creating different ways to problem solve issues on jobs. He himself comes to the job and does the repairs. He has fixed countless jobs with his repairs preventing what could have been an entire re-sand.


Married with two daughters

Hobbies: Bow hunting, remodeling, wood working, & taxidermy

Best thing about working for Schmidt Custom Floors:

“The people that I work with and a super cool boss”