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Job Description
Job Title: Residential Sales/Design Consultant
FLSA Exemption Status: Non-Exempt (Salary)
Reports to:Division Manager / VP / President & CEO

Primary Function: To assist in the interior design plan of the homeowner/contractor as it relates to flooring, floor maintenance, and flooring systems. To prepare cost estimates as it pertains to production labor, materials, and project timelines. I will work closely with the residential estimator/quality control to ensure and develop accurate scopes of work for future projects.

Responsibilities / Accountabilities: 
  • Qualifies incoming leads for relevance and opportunity
  • Assist Clients with the design and functionality of their flooring needs
  • Suggests all products and services that company has to offer
  • Prepare specifications with architects, contractors, and external designers
  • Meets or exceeds gross profit margin requirements
  • Project Communication with related team members
  • Exceptional communication with client, including pre and post project follow up
  • Imports estimator drawings/ architect drawings into flooring software
  • Inform sales personnel and management of competitive developments
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge of flooring product lines
  • Other duties as assigned

Experience/ Skills / Educational Requirements: 
  • Construction background preferred
  • Microsoft Office
  • Construction-related measuring and or drafting experience
  • Strong mathematical ability

Work Behaviors:
  • Aligns with company Core Values
  • Consistently produces accurate work
  • Perseverance and a “can-do” attitude
  • Flexible and adaptable to meet changing priorities and workload
  • Meets established goals and deadlines
  • Is seen as a team player, collaborator, and gains trust by supporting colleagues
  • Seeks and is open to feedback, interested in personal development and displays willingness to improve skills and knowledge
  • Accountable for one’s own actions and respectful of others
  • Demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills

Physical/Mental Demands:
  • Must have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license
  • Ability to lift objects over 25 pounds
  • Ability to bend, stretch, twist, and reach out with arms and legs
  • Stand or walk continuously and/or sit periodically working at a desk