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Carpet restretching


What to know about carpet restretching

Not all homeowners are familiar with carpet restretching, and many want to ensure their floors' longevity. As a result, these products often stretch out, leading to many problems. However, by restretching the material, you'll find new life in these surfaces for floors that look and feel unique.

What is carpet restretching?

Restretching is stretching a carpet that has become loose, rippling, and bunching in certain places. These changes in your flooring surface should be fixed as soon as possible through carpet stretching to ensure a safe walking space, especially with children or elderly persons in your home. Restretching is usually accomplished with special tools, and the edges of the carpeting are resecured so they will remain taut for years.

Benefits of carpet restretching

Once your carpets are restretched, you'll find they look better, perform better, and have a renewed lifespan. Bunched carpets can go through increased wear as footfall rubs the fibers in ways that deteriorate their composition. As a result, it looks old, worn, and disrupted, but the good news is that these features can all be repaired with carpet restretching.



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How long does restretching take?

The length of your carpet restretching service will vary, depending on the severity of your carpet bunching or wrinkling, how much furniture has to be moved, and how large the room is. With an average restretching process for about three regular-sized spaces, you can expect between one and one and a half hours. Once we assess your area and requirements, we'll give you the details about your specific service and tell you how long your carpet service will last.

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